Date: 3/28/2013 12:00:00 AM

Title: MCA Backs Right to Farm

MCA Backs Right to Farm

- Senate Ag Committee Unanimously Passes Right to Farm 


The Missouri State Senate Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources Committee unanimously (7-0) passed HJR 7&11 and SJR 22, the Right to Farm constitutional referendum. The Missouri Cattlemen's Association (MCA) President-Elect Jim McCann spoke on behalf of MCA during the committee hearing March 27, 2013, and said the Right to Farm issue is a top priority for the organization and good for both producers and consumers.


"Who wins with Right to Farm? Above and beyond Missouri's farm and ranch families, the ultimate winner is the consumer. We are talking about the family already struggling to stretch pennies. We are talking about schools across Missouri trying to feed children healthy meals and staying within a tight budget," said McCann. "Right to Farm allows consumers to have choices in the grocery story; prevents food prices from being inflated unnecessarily; and continues to ensure that sound science dictates production decisions. As producers, we want to be able to supply food for a growing global population and be part of the solution to curbing hunger."


MCA mobilized its members on this priority issue and cattlemen have been present in the state Capitol every week since the beginning of the legislative session to stress the importance of Right to Farm. MCA Executive Vice President Mike Deering said MCA members made their voices heard and certainly contributed to the continued progress of this legislation.


The committee vote was subsequent to the full State House of Representatives by a vote of 110 to 41. If passed by the Senate and approved by both chambers, Right to Farm would be referred to the voters as a ballot question in 2014. Deering said everyone involved in agriculture, including consumers, need to contact their state senator and encourage a vote in favor of Missouri's vibrant agricultural sector and its farm and ranch families.